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What is a member?

Once a GitHub repository is configured with Uffizzi, anyone that opens a pull request on that repository is automatically added as a member of your Team. If a branch has multiple committers, only the user that opens the pull request is added as a member.

Your are billed for the number of members on your account each month, prorated for when each member joined. You can add/remove members in the Uffizzi Dashboard. If a member is removed, they cannot initiate previews for pull requests.

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Do you manage a DevOps agency?

If you work for a DevOps agency that builds and manages applications or CI/CD tooling on behalf of clients, you may qualify for our Agency Partner Program. This program gives your team access to special pricing and technical support services.

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Are you interested in a partnership?

If you're a software company or IT consulting firm interested in bundling, reselling, or otherwise integrating with Uffizzi products and services, please reach out to us at

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When compared to other Environment as a Service providers, Uffizzi is lightweight, easy to set up, and cost-effective.

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Lightweight and fast
(all-container solution)
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Easy set up
(based on Docker Compose)
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Infrastructure included
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Github Actions integration
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Multi-purpose support (web apps, CLIs, and embedded systems)
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Requires access to your enterprise cloud account
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