August 4, 2023
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Introducing Uffizzi Virtual Clusters (Press Release)

Uffizzi virtual clusters are virtualized instances of Kubernetes clusters that provide all the same functionality of real Kubernetes clusters, while being faster, cheaper, and more scalable.

As the leading platform for ephemeral environments, Uffizzi is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking addition to our platform—support for Virtual Clusters! These virtualized instances of Kubernetes clusters provide unparalleled flexibility and efficiency for teams looking to scale their test infrastructure and streamline their development, QA, and staging processes.

Uffizzi’s core focus has always been on reducing drag on development velocity by eliminating the bottlenecks associated with traditional shared test environments. And until now, multi-tenant Kubernetes was hard—we’ve heard countless stories of years-long efforts to build internal solutions. Now with Uffizzi’s support for virtual clusters, teams get secure multi-tenant Kubernetes right out of the box, allowing workloads to share underlying compute resources safely and efficiently.

Notably, Uffizzi virtual clusters provide identical functionalities as real Kubernetes clusters, without the operational complexity or cost. DevOps teams can now create virtual clusters using Helm charts, kustomizations, or standard Kubernetes manifests, and manage them seamlessly with kubectl. This means ephemeral environments that look and feel just like your Kubernetes-based production environments.

The result of this revolutionary approach is that developers are no longer blocked by cluster availability. They can test pre-release branches in pristine, isolated environments whenever they’re needed. Meanwhile, operations teams can focus on managing a single host cluster and test cluster-level updates with less impedance. This drastically speeds up the development process, while reducing downtime and delays that can cost millions in missed revenue.

With this major platform upgrade, Uffizzi continues to prioritize cost-effectiveness. Whether teams decide to self-host or utilize Uffizzi Cloud, virtualization remains the lowest cost strategy for scaling Kubernetes test environments. Not only that, Uffizzi greatly simplifies capacity planning for growing teams.

“With Uffizzi virtual clusters, we’re not only elevating the standards of ephemeral environments, we’re redefining what’s possible in the realm of development and testing,” says Grayson Adkins, CEO & Co-Founder at Uffizzi. “Instead of scrambling to meet deadlines, imagine beating them. What stretch goals could you reach with a 40% boost in productivity? How does this change the calculus in terms of your competitive advantage?”Uffizzi virtual clusters are now available in beta, empowering DevOps teams to unlock their full potential and deliver business value. To learn more about Uffizzi and how we’re innovating on behalf of our customers, visit or join the discussion on Slack.

Key Takeaways

When integrated into your git repository or continuous integration (CI) pipeline, Uffizzi seamlessly works in the background to automatically create or refresh your ephemeral environments each time a code change occurs. Here are five reasons top teams are choosing using Uffizzi:

  1. Unprecedented Convenience: Similar to virtual machines, Uffizzi virtual clusters deliver all the capabilities of genuine Kubernetes clusters but with enhanced convenience and efficiency.
  2. Seamless Provisioning: Uffizzi’s intuitive CLI lets you create and update your Kubernetes clusters in a single command. Managing clusters becomes a breeze with standard Kubernetes tools like kubectl, kustomize, and helm.
  3. Boosted Productivity: Say goodbye to waiting for cluster availability. With Uffizzi virtual clusters, developers can now test their code promptly, leading to increased productivity and shorter development cycles.
  4. Secure Multi-Tenancy: Uffizzi virtual clusters come with built-in security features, ensuring that workloads can safely and efficiently share underlying compute resources. Each developer enjoys dedicated and isolated clusters for safe testing.
  5. Cost-Effective Testing: Whether you opt for Uffizzi Cloud or self-hosting, virtualization proves to be the most cost-effective way to power your Kubernetes-based test environments.

About UffizziUffizzi is the leading platform for ephemeral environments for development, QA, staging, and demos. With innovative solutions like virtual clusters, Uffizzi provides flexible and scalable test infrastructure that enables teams to delivery quality software on time. We’re committed to enhancing productivity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness for our valued clients.

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