A Platform for
Platform Teams

Platform teams need control. Developers need autonomy.

Uffizzi helps teams build internal developer platforms in minutes, not months, by providing out-of-the-box Kubernetes multi-tenancy, cluster virtualization and customizable templating. Standardize your workflows, while giving every developer access to self-service, ephemeral environments for development, testing, PRs, staging and more. Runs on your infrastructure or ours.

Self-service Sandbox Clusters

Provide your Developers with instant access to clusters so functional they won’t know they aren’t real!  But they’ll know something is up because our virtual clusters spin up FAST!  Supports Compose, Helm, Kustomize, and Manifests.

$ uffizzi cluster create my-cluster --k8s-version=1.28
Multi-tenancy out of the box

Uffizzi sandboxes enforce secure multi-tenancy on any host cluster, so you can build a standardized and extensible internal developer platform.


Virtual clusters on Uffizzi are “lightweight” and resource efficient.  Features such as sleep-mode, time-based deletion, and resource quotas prevent overspending on un-utilized resources.

Hear what our amazing customers say

"Uffizzi is pretty cool. We've been wanting ephemeral environments for awhile. It's not just spinning up some containers, it's all the permissions and life-cycle management of lots of moving parts. The first solution we tried couldn't scale for a project our size and when Uffizzi came into the picture it just made sense for us. We like how Uffizzi integrates directly with Github Actions and saves us a lot of time accepting hundreds of PRs every month."

Ben Lambert
Ben Lambert
Sr. Engineer at Spotify &
Core Maintainer of Backstage

“Uffizzi's on demand ephemeral environment solution is super helpful for moving fast as a team. As we grow the value will only get better and better. It's a great environment as a service solution and we've been really impressed with their Github Actions implementation.”

Naveen Rudrappa
Naveen Rudrappa
CEO & Founder, NocoDB

"Deconflicting shared environments has always been a problem - we didn't know there was a viable solution until Uffizzi came along. Uffizzi's environments as a service has reduced our reliance on DevOps and has created huge efficiencies in our test and release cycles."

Customer - Ben Gilman
Ben Gilman
CTO, Petscreening.com

"Great tool for very little work. The implementation is super straight-forward and is a big time saver for our team - particularly on front end issues"

Mac Siri
Mac Siri
Sr. Engineer, Dev.to

"Uffizzi simplifies development for us as a split back end / front end team and saves us time verifying functional changes on every PR."

Matt Elwell
Matt Elwell
Sr. Engineer, Flagsmith

Delayed releases cost $millions in
missed revenue

Eliminate your shared environment bottleneck.
Use on-demand environments to release faster without sacrificing quality.

List of preview environmentsFemale contributor 2Male contributor 1

Empower your software developers

Waiting for access to a shared environment crushes productivity (not to mention morale!)

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Development environments when your Devs they need them! Get a new environment in minutes, not days.
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Catch bugs before they're merged into your production environment
Clocks - Technology Webflow Template
Run manual or automated tests against the service environments
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Provide rapid feedback to Devs and see changes synced
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Test in isolation to avoid a polluted QA environment and data accumulation

Real-time capacity planning

Automate your environment management to free up your DevOps teams for higher priority issues

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Development environments with Life-Cycle Management Built-In
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Seamless integration into your application development workflow
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Expect lower costs when you implement a logical solution to perfectly meet demand for test environments
Hero - Open source maintainer

Build your internal developer platform in minutes, not months

Our cluster-per-tenant and cluster-per-namespace model provides a fast, secure, and scalable multi-tenant solution out of the box.


Create sandboxed clusters in under 60 seconds

Supports Compose, Helm, Kustomize, and Manifests

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Platform Team

Multi-tenant control plane out-of-the-box

Next-level value for your teams’ unique requirements

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Business Outcomes

20-40% improvements in Development Velocity

Virtual Clusters run at a fraction of the cost of “Full” Clusters

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Learn how Backstage increased development velocity by 20% via on demand ephemeral environments

Why build on Uffizzi?

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Fast Adoption

Stand up a Proof-of-Concept in minutes for free on a Personal or Team Account

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Managed Platform or Self-hosted

Choose the configuration that best supports your business requirements

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Easy CI Integration

Run the Uffizzi CLI on any CI provider. Maintained job workflows on Github, Gitlab, with others soon to follow.

Automated Reports - Technology Webflow Template


Create custom templating for Teams’ unique requirements

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Role-based Access Control

Uffizzi automatically matches roles on Github and Gitlab or you can set-up SSO with pre-configured Admin, Developer, and View Only roles.

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Future Proof

Build on a Kubernetes-native platform that provides flexibility as your needs and tooling evolve and scale.

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Tips for building high performance teams

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