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Uffizzi is a Community-based App Platform. Host Your Apps for Free, Benefit from Approachable Support, and Boost Your Portfolio. No Other Platform Does More for You - the Developer.

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Developers love Uffizzi


Because the hosting on Uffizzi was such an easy set-up, we were able to focus all our time on building our app - We ended up winning “People's Choice” at Inventure 2020!!

Noah W.
Co-founder Canary Student

I have no reason to ever use Elastic Beanstalk again. This is f***ing awesome. You guys nailed the developer experience.

Dustin A.
Sr. Software Instructor

I tried out my app on Uffizzi without any instruction, just went for it. And it was super easy!

Jennifer K.
Coding Bootcamp Grad

I just deployed a little experimental site and it's crazy how easy it was. I wasn't thinking it would be live already without some more digging into it . . . I'm really impressed. Thanks and take care.

Jason L.
Trilogy Bootcamp Student
Use any language, library or runtime that runs on Linux, including these popular choices...
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Simple guided setup

Setting up a professional cloud environment on Uffizzi is as easy as following five simple steps. No tedious configurations typical of other cloud providers—just reliable, scalable, and secure infrastructure right out-of-the-box. No PhD in Cloud required.


exclusive features

Why Uffizzi?

Built-in Expertise

Tired of cloud providers that overwhelm you with confusing options? We hear ya. Deploy to a professional app hosting environment with our simple guided setup process. No PhD in Cloud required.

Reliable. Scalable. Secure.

Building the next big thing? Us too. Uffizzi is serious infrastructure for professional apps. Built atop Kubernetes, Uffizzi let's you leverage the power of the popular orchestrator without ever touching it.

Simple Billing

Why are cloud bills so confusing? Uffizzi keeps pricing simple and transparent—you’re charged a fixed rate base on app memory. No add-ons or “premium” features behind paywalls.

Uffizzi Cloud

Included Features

Cloud automation

Deploy applications and databases with one click


Meet user demand with auto-scaling

High availability

Deploy to multiple zones to ensure high availability

Load balancing

Spread user traffic across application replicas

DDoS protection

Absorb distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks

Secure environments

Isolate your data and traffic with sandboxing

Pro databases

Connect your app to a fully managed pro database

TLS certificates

Generate TLS certificates for HTTPS encryption